Monday, December 24, 2012



  1. Hello Mary, how are you doing Sweetie? My name is April but on the net I am known by Purple Faerie from Purple Faerie's Creations. I just had my blog redone. Unfortunately I don't have any of my work posted on my blog, because I just lost everything I had on my pc. The hard drive went out on my pc, I lost all of my tubes, kits, programs, filters, plugins, pretty much everything you need to create with. I am slowly getting it back, but I had been collecting my stuff for about 8 or so years. It takes time. Unfortunately I lost all of my tags I had created as well. Which is heartbreaking. I just wanted to tell you this tag is absolutely gorgeous!!!! You did a magnificent and remarkable job creating this tag. I for one am very grateful to you for sharing your tags with all of us on the net. How about doing me a little favor, I know you don't write tut's but when you share your tags could you please tell us the kit and artist. Tell us what kit you used and who made the kit and tell us which artist made the tube. I mean I can figure out the tube's artist and where you got it by the tag but a lot of people might not be able to. If I wanted to create something similiar to yours I couldn't even begin to try because I don't know what kit you used or where you got it. I can't copy your work, nor would I want to. If I can not create a vision of my own it isn't worth my time doing, you know what I mean? I would just like to try creating something beautiful using the same things you did. Keep doing the awesome jobs that you do. You are an amazing talented tagger. I am so very grateful to you for your talent. Take care Hun and God Bless you and your family always. I hope you have superior and beautiful weekend to come!

    Sincerely, April a.k.a. Purple Faerie


  2. Hi April

    Thanks so much for the sweet words that means so much to me!! I sent you an email I hope you get it!!