Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Tag Showoffs Using Pinky Purple Valentine + More Taggies!

I made this taggy using the new kit and Temp # 178 by Millie awesome temp thanks so much!! I hope you like it snags coming soon!!

Liz made this gorgeous taggy using Pinky Purple I love it Liz so sexy!! Great work!!

Samantha made me this awesome tag using Pinky Purple I love it Samantha thanks so much!! so pretty!!

Angelina made this cute taggy using Pinky Purple awesome job on the kit thanks so much!!

Here are more taggies from Cutie Pink Valentine 

Paris Star made me this gorgeous taggy using Cutie Pink so gorgeous I love it!!

Kitty made this awesome taggy with it thanks so much!!

Danielle used the kit for this cute creation love it!!

Wes made me this lil cutie with my kit I love it Wes thanks for making it for me!!

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