Thursday, April 25, 2013

Update On Blog Contest!! Ends April 28th!! Added Prizes!!

Hi all!! First...I would like to thank everyone that's entered so far!! I can't believe I have 10 entries and it's only Thursday!!! 

I decided to end this contest on Sunday!! April 28th!! So you have 3 more days to send your entries in!!!

I am adding prizes so it will be 1 - $ 6 prize for 1st and there is gonna be 4 - $ 2 prizes for the rest and since I love all the entries so far equally it's gonna be hard to choose so I will do it randomly and use a randomizer to pick the winners I think this is the most fair way to do it!! So for now there will be 5 winners instead of 3 yay!! If i get more entries I will add to the prizes again!! 

Thanks for joining!!!

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