Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Tag Show Off's and Autumn Taggies!

Hi all I have some tag show offs using my school kits I'm so glad to see them being used I love all these taggies!!! I also have some Autumn taggies I made...TCC had their Autumn themed PJ party woot so fun!!

Tag I made using Red Hot School Dayz

From Vesta <3

Bobbie made this taggy <3

From Kitty Kat <3

From my friend Shadow <3

Some taggies for Pink School Dayz Rock!

From Gabryella gorgeous!!

From Amanda wow so pretty!!

From Shadow so cutee!

I love all of these thanks so much so pretty all of them big hugzzz all thank you!! >:D<

Here are some of my new Autumn taggies <3

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