Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Updateeeeee + Some taggies!!

Hi everyone!! Sorry for not having much stuff posted for you all I have been super busy with work I even work Christmas week!! :( and not only that I haven't been feeling very Christmassy lol and have been under the weather and I am late at everything including Christmas shopping!! ughhhhhhh Just a lot of things going on and piling up on me I am hoping to get some time off soon so that will help a lot! 

Ohhhhhhhh on a good note I am now staff over at TCC - The Creative Chicks Forum It's really become my 2nd home and everyone has been so sweet to me and very supportive I love to help them any way I can so head on over there and join the fun!! Christmas PJ Party this weekend woot woot earn tons of coins for those awesome exclusives!! They should also be getting 2 new exclusive soon thanks to all the members that chipped in for a new AC commission and Alicia Mujica commission woot excited about those!!

I have made a few Christmas tags I'll show them off lol I was working on a kit I still am but i get sad since I'm no where near done :( I might scrap it and make something for new years instead lol but I promise I will be back posting new freebie kits for you soon!! Thanks so much for the continued support!! Love you all  <3 hugzzzz xoxoxoxo

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