Sunday, September 15, 2013

Update and More Taggies!!

Hi all posting more tag show offs and update to!! I'm working on my 1st Halloween kit so please look out for that very soon I've been super busy so haven't had much time to do anything but for sure I will be hosting a blog contest for the Halloween kit!!

Here is my color palette for the kit:

 Some more taggies made with my kits <3  These are stunning as usual love them all Thanks ladies!!

From Liz <3

 From Lisa <3

From Liz again <3


 From KittyKat

 Some new tags I've made <3

Here is a set I made for my friend Matty!!

 Here are a couple of exclusive tubes and kits from The Creative Chicks Forum!!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Tag Show Off's and Autumn Taggies!

Hi all I have some tag show offs using my school kits I'm so glad to see them being used I love all these taggies!!! I also have some Autumn taggies I made...TCC had their Autumn themed PJ party woot so fun!!

Tag I made using Red Hot School Dayz

From Vesta <3

Bobbie made this taggy <3

From Kitty Kat <3

From my friend Shadow <3

Some taggies for Pink School Dayz Rock!

From Gabryella gorgeous!!

From Amanda wow so pretty!!

From Shadow so cutee!

I love all of these thanks so much so pretty all of them big hugzzz all thank you!! >:D<

Here are some of my new Autumn taggies <3